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Buying Products

Shopping Basket

You can use your online shopping basket to gather the products you want to purchase while shopping online. It automatically keeps track of the number of products you've selected and the cost of your order.

At the top of any page you will see the number of products currently in your shopping basket, along with your subtotal, delivery method, and delivery charge (if any).

For a more detailed view of the products in your basket, click on the "View Basket" link. We will save the products in your basket so that you can purchase them later. Please be aware that products held in the basket are subject to cookies being enabled on your PC.

You can change the quantities of products in your shopping basket by changing the number in the column labelled "QTY" (Quantity).

If you change product quantities in your shopping basket, remember to click the "Update Basket" link to refresh the subtotal.

If you decide you no longer want to purchase a product, you can remove it from your shopping basket by clicking the "Remove" link adjacent to the product followed by "Update Basket" to refresh the changes made.

After reviewing your shopping basket contents and making sure you've got the items and quantities you want, you may continue to shop or begin the checkout process.


After you have selected the items you want to buy, you may begin the checkout process. Checkout is a simple, multi-step process in which you:

  • Check and adjust item quantities in your Shopping Basket
  • Determine the total cost plus taxes and any applicable delivery charges
  • Confirm the order and delivery instructions
  • Authorise the charge to your credit card if applicable

Review and adjust Shopping Basket contents

Please confirm your purchasing and delivery method and click the "Continue" button.

Contents of your Shopping Basket

Adjust the contents of your shopping basket as necessary. To change an item's quantity, highlight the number you want to change, then type in the new quantity.

If you decide you want to continue shopping and put more items in your shopping basket, just click "Continue Shopping." We'll save the current contents of your shopping basket so you can continue the checkout process when you return.

Remove link

Click the "Remove" link to take an item out of the shopping basket if you do not wish to purchase it at this time.

Update Quantity link

Be sure to click the "Update Basket" link to get a correct subtotal if you change item quantities or remove items from the shopping basket.